If you are a fan of Folk music, whether young or old, it is likely that you have heard of Nick Drake before. His album, Five Leaves Left, is one of the most popular folk music albums ever recorded. In this post, we look at who Nick Drake was and why his legacy lives on.


Nick Drake was born on 19th June 1948 as Nicholas Rodney Drake. He was an English singer and songwriter who was prominent for his songwriting skills. Although, during his career, he never got that much recognition, he become popular after passing on in 1974, aged just 26.

His debut album, Five Leaves Left, is arguably one of the most popular folk music albums of all time. It is praised by many folk music enthusiasts and critics for its delicate blend of acoustic sounds. This album continues to be a benchmark album for most of the new age artists. It is not a rare thing to hear most of them attribute some of their development to listening to Nick Drake while they were young.

Personal Issues

Nick Drake was most popular for singing sad songs. While this may seem like the norm for most musicians who embrace acoustic music, the case might have been different for Nick Drake. Many of his close relatives say that he was a laid-back person and the quiet type.

It is never known for sure whether Drake was a depressed person, but he committed suicide on the 25th of November 1974. As mentioned earlier, his career did not bring him that much fame or fortune. However, his death triggered a lot of conversation on the mental health of folk music musicians. Drake’s career would then burst after his suicide, with his music becoming popular around the world and his songs topping music charts.