In recent times, people have been taking a keen interest in folk music. It is most likely you are one of these people and that is why you are reading this. Well, not to worry. In this post, we look at some of the top folk music artists and bands that you should listen to while playing online casino games.

1. The Carter Family

The Carter Family is ultimately the music group that birthed contemporary folk music. Many modern folk music artists attest to having listened to music by the Carter Family, and it formed a huge part of their decision-making process to pursue this path. If you are looking for some premium quality folk music to listen to while you utilize Playamo free spins then the Carter Family should be part of your playlist. Their music was a delicate blend of old school country and some bit of spiritual gospel music. Their composing skill remains one for the ages.

2. The Alamanac Singers

After the Carter Family, the Alamanac Singers were the next most popular folk music group to ever exist. This was all for the right reasons as among their ranks were people who would, later on, become some of the top folk music singers. Some of the names here include Woody Guthrie, Josh White and Pete Seegar. This band is known for its creativity and instrument playing prowess. If you are looking to listen to some of their music while gaming, then prioritise their live performances.

3. Gillian Welch

It is near impossible to think of the modern folk music you can listen to while gaming and fail to mention Gillian Welch. She is arguably the most prominent folk music singer on the scene currently (as of 2020). Her compositions have found their way into a couple of movies, and listening to her is sure to spike your love for folk music. She impresses with both her individual works and collaborations.